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A while back we were granted a visit at Saint Nicholas his residence in Spain and are then we also did visit the Petes school. There we were told what the Petes all have to know about Saint Nicholas, his parade and the Saint-Nicholas feast.
We have a small amount of that curriculum adapted to the level of children so that they can get a kind of children's Petes Diploma.
We did get Saint Nicholas his permission for this, because Sinterklaas also found this a nice idea.

The children's Petes Diploma consists of a theory part and a practical part, for both you can separately get a partly-diploma. So you can get the theory part without having the practice to do and vice versa. So on this page you will find the theory part, for the practical part you need to go to a Sinterklaas parade organization near you. In many places, for example, they organise a circuit as a part of the activities around the Sinterklaas Paradea. This circuit is set up so the children can dot the tasks that is needed for the practice part of the Children Petes Diploma. Also there are many preb-schools who organise this circuit as part of their Gymnastics programm.
On those places the children can get their, by Sinterklaas officialy certificated (!) Childrens, Pete Practicum Diploma. Please note: This Child Petes diploma's (Theory and Practicum) have not the intension to claim that with it the children would be real Petes. The aim is only to learn the children in a playful way, some more info about Saint Nicholas, the Petes and the Saint-Nicholas feast.

Just try or you are suitable as children's aid-Piet (you can find most answers on this site).
Give therefore to the questions the answer that Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) or the Petes would give if they got that question.
I hope it's not too difficult for you. Give it a try.

Click on the small black triangle next to the reply box: -Select an answer-
Then click on one of the answers that do appear.
Then, go to the next question.

If you have answerd all the questions, click the "Verify" button.
Behind every right answer comes a 'right answer mark' (V).

If you want to do the questions again,
Click below the questions on "I would like to do the questions one more time".

 1. Where was Saint Nicholas born?  In .

 2. How old is Sain Nicholas? He is .

 3. Why does Saint Nichlas looks like a Bisshop? He .

 4. Why does Saint Nicholas not always look the same 

 5. The name Goedheiligman (Good Holy man) comes from .

 6. Does Saint Nicholas has every year the same big book? .

 7. Why is Saint Nicholas riding on a white horse? Because .

 8. What is the name of the horse of Sinterklaas? (Names in the Netherlands and Belgium)

 9. Does Sinterklaas next to horse riding do any other sports?

10. Bonne in 'Sinterklaasje bonne, bonne' komt van .

11. Sinterklaas was proclamed to be a Holy Saint by the  Church.

12. Sint Nicolaas is the Patron Saint of .

13. The word 'speculaas' (in 'speculaas-pop') comes from .

14. We celebrate pakjesavond on 5 december, because the Saint .

15. The Sinterklaas feast is .

16. Chocolatecoins are .

17. The Saint resides in  .

18. The Saint arrives by steamboat because he .

19. Why do the children put their shoe? .

20. The suit of the Petes is .

21. Black Pete is so dark because he 

22. How many Petes do work for Sinterklaas? .

23. Why do Sinterklaas and Pete at night sometimes go over the rooftops? 

24. How come the Petes at night in a house without a chimney? .

25. When the Petes are throwing characters, than they are throwing .

26. Do the Petes retire when they are old? .

27. 'Sint-Nicolaasga' is .

28. Santa Claus is .

29. Are Sinterklaas and Santa Claus friends or compitators? .

30. May you ask both Sinterklaas and Santa Claus for presents? 

You have answered van questions correct. That is a score of


If you did pass the examination, then you can use this link to got to the page where you can let your Pete Diploma: Theory-examination be printed. You then will be taken to a page with the diploma
First of all You will be asked for name, then for your residence and then asked for your score. If you have typed in the requested info every time, you get to see the diploma with your name, residence and score on it.
(Unfortunately we can not automatically put the score this page over there.)
Via the "Print" button, you can print out the diploma.

Do you want to get the Practicum diploma also?
Look around in your neighborhood if ther is an organisation where you can participate in a practicum-diploma examination.

Often schools, sport-associations and/or other Children-organisations do like to issue such a diploma to the children after the children have perform all the Pete-tasks (in a playful variant).

Here we also have a link to an example of the Practicum-diploma for Petes and HelpPetes.
In addition to the formatting for the diploma (a to print out 'picture'), we also give examples of the tasks to perform. This is somethingh you can also do for Little Elf-helpers, just addept the tasks and the Signatures on the Diploma.

If you borrow or copy knowhow/info from other sources, for example for a non commercial project, lecture or a scription,
then it show good manors to refer to those sources.
And we also expect you, when using info from our site, to refer to our sources.
(This for so far as they have to do with borrowed/copied part of our site.)
For commercial projects you must have a written permission from us and above that a written permission from our sources as far as the have a right on the info on our site.

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