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We want to prevent you from being disappointed in your expectations of the visit of Saint Nicholas and Pete.
because you did booked that Saint Nicholas by a booking center that delivers bad quality and/or bad services.
Imagine that the Saint comes in and you notice that he has enjoyed the necessary drinks or smoked as a heretic. Or that he just doesn't like a believeble Saint or Santa, you would think by yourself; If only I had know this on forehand!
Your Saint-Nicholas visit party can be very quickly ruined in such a case.

Often such a fake-Sinterklaas / fake-Santa Claus is still horribly expensive too!
And it's not only about the the money, but of course you are worried that your children will notice it and then for your family the Saint-Nicholas-evening would be an evening full of sad questions, something you're not waiting for of course!
It's also not nice to have to say, it was but an assistent-Saint.

Although there are several organizations that can deliver you a real Saint Nicholas and Pete(s),
and who are doing that, like ourselves, with years of experience, yet for many people it proofs to be difficult to find a good address.
That is why we started this site, to give you some reliable addresses in Northern Netherlands.

And of course we want to share our idea about a nice Sinterklaas evening.
And then is a real Saint Nicholas with real Pete(s) the success formula.
With us, or whith the booking-addresses we have the links for, you can be sure that Saint Nicholas and Pete(s) as well by appearance (quality clothing and hairworks) as well by their interaction, will be beleived to be the real one(s).
So that the children will have an unforgettable Saint-Nicholas feast.

To be able to monitor the quality, we do work with a small team of volunteers and we are therefore not a big Saint Nicholas Booking Center.
We prefer to supply prefer Quality insted of quantity.

We understand that for some people it is more attractive to have Santa Claus visiting them.
You will have your own good reasons for that.
To make sure that you can also hire a quality Santa Claus, we arrange after 6 december also appearances from Santa Claus.

And we prove that quality does not always have to be expensive.
The costumes are made and maintained by our selves and therefore we can keep the costs as low as possible.
And in the case that we ourselves are already booked full on the desired time, then you can still hire a quality Saint NIcholas or Santa Claus through our site, because then we have links to a few other good booking addresses in Northern-Netherlands, where also quality comes first.
In this sense, we try to be a central address from whereout you can continue your quest.

Would you like to know more, feel free to mail us.

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