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      For the English/American readers: We have only addresses from our region (North-Netherlands) here.

On our homepage we promised that we would have a page with links to other good Saint Nicholas/Black Pete and/or Santa Claus Bookingaddresses in the Westerkwartier region.
Unfortunately, after 4 months of collection and processing info for our Site, we have to come to the conclussion that there hardly are any such agencies in the Westerkwartier.
Or that the few that there are, do not have a (functioning) Web site.
There are many local trade associations/village associations who organise an Arrival and Parade and/or a visit in their own village, but there is hardly an address to to book the St Nicholas/Pete and/or Santa Claus.
To find some addresses, you then often have to look in Groningen-city, Frisia (e.g. Drogeham) or Drente (Assen).
Below the only other good address in the Westerkwartier that we found, plus 1 address in Groningen, so we can still offer something.

SaintNicholas, Black Pete(s) and/or Santa Claus Bookingaddresses:
PartyShop LeekBook 2 Pete for in the region of Leek
Saint Nicholas Groningen Sinterklaas Groningen

We did also promise to give addresses for renting Saint Nicholas/Black Pete and/or Santa Claus costumes, From that kind was in the Westerkwartier but 1 to find. Again we do add a couple of adrssen near the Westerkwartier region. Unfortunately, there are only 2 that do have a site with info and pictures. But because they are, in our opinion, 2 addresse who among them offer almost al you can want, thus they should be enough.

Eringa Opende, Costums rental:

Prices Costumes Saint and Pete 
Photo's of the Saint and Pete rental costumesPhoto's of the Saint and Pete rental costume
Photo's of the Santa Claus renatal costumesPhoto's of the Santa Claus rental costume

Willy Luinge Roden/Groningen, Costumes rental:

Prices Costumes Saint and Pete 
Photo's of the Saint and Pete rental costumesSinterklaas rental costume of Willie Luinge
Photo's of the Santa Claus rental costumes

Our Saint/(Pete's) and Santa Claus:

Sinterklaas from Sint and Santa Santa Claus from Sint and Santa

Although we have just a few other addresses in the Westerkwartier to offer, obviously you can see (by comparing the pictures and the prices of those other addresses, with our photos and prices), that we deliver a beautiful and certainly not expensive Saint, and Petes and/or Santa Claus.


The website is an initiative from private persons. The object with this site is to offer non commercial information about several aspects about the Histories of St Nicholas and Santa Claus and the believes and festivals around them and the customs belonging to those festivals. So parents and childeren will find it easier to keep the stories alive.

Disclaimer about the info:
This website is only ment to give parents and childeren correct informations about Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus. The informations on this site are put together most carefully. But it is possible still that some of our information is; -not complete, not according to present (or newer) info, or could be explained in diverent ways, or even seems to hold uncorrect facts. We take no responcebility for the Juristic correctness of the info we have presented here, nor fot the effects of the here presented info and products, and also not for eventual demage (direct or indirect) which did happendgeleden as a result from using our informations. Using our informations is complete for the risk of the user.

Disclaimer about the links:
On this site are several links to other Saint and Santa related websites. There are soly there to inform our users. We have no influence and co contol on these sites and their contents and therefore we taken no responcability for eventual damage, direct or indirect, which happend by using the info's, products or services on these sites.

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